Can I get a better price from ordering from one of the online-only vendors?

As a member of the industry’s largest International Group Purchasing Organization, Calloway Promotions can secure all your advertisement needs without worrying about the overhead of the warehouse companies. Your job is tough enough, why add to your responsibilities by trying to find the best price or promotional items? Let Calloway Promotions do that for you.

What if my order arrives and there is a mistake?

You will be sent an online virtual (image) with a detail description of your order prior to payment. If your order doesn’t arrive as the pre-order approval described, it will be replaced at no additional cost and expedited to your desired location (s).

Can I have my order shipped to multiple locations?

Yes. Your preorder confirmation sheet will have your products divided by shipping address.

If we commit to an annual advertising plan, do we have to pay upfront?

No. You will pay as you go and as your orders are made.

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